Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My building almost burned down

So, the other day I'm just heading out of my house when I smell smoke. I look into my bathroom and HOLY SHIT SMOKE IS BILLOWING OUT OF MY WASHING MACHINE. The I open up the machine... and a fire breaks out inside! Holy crap! So I panic, and grab a giant pot from the kitchen, fill it with water, and toss the water at the fire but WHOOPS... the pot is metal, and i get ELECTROCUTED. But at least it put the fire out. Then, I turn off the power to the apartment. I calm down... it's OK... I take a picture for the blog. But then it gets really scary... the washing machine drum starts to ROTATE despite the power being cut off. So I'm freaked out cos it's like a washing machine from the exorcist... I pull the plug on it, and finally, all is silent. The apartment smells like burning evil. And had I left the apartment just a minute before, my building would not still be standing.

The machine's repaired now but I'm scared to use it =(